29 04, 2008

Lucifero, Rome

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Lucifero is a small, bustling a family run establishment specializing in fondue and steak. Their filetto al basalmico (filet mignon with a basalmic vinegar reduction) is quite possibly the best steak I have ever eaten.  And their fonduta con fontina e tartufo bianco (fondue with fontina cheese and white truffles) is a must if truffles [...]

23 04, 2008

Pitty in Policoro

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After driving Basilicata’s Ionian coast from Metaponto to Policoro, my dad and I visited Policoro’s Archeological Museum, one of the best in southern Italy, stocked with loads of jewelry from 8th century BCE tombs. We hiked around the ruins of Heraklea behind the museum for a while then headed to downtown Policoro for lunch. I [...]

22 04, 2008

Bread and Matera

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The province of Matera, and Basilicata in general, is a major producer or durum wheat, used to make bread with a hard crusty exterior and soft, spongy interior. It is almost identical to pane di Altamura, bread produced just across the border in Puglia, which holds the prestegious DOP seal of quality and tradition.  [...]

21 04, 2008

Cheese in Matera

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Most people visit Matera for the Sassi, cave dwellings inhabited since neolithic times, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. That is certainly why we visited. But we extended our trip for an extra 3 days for the cheese! While most tourists were busying themselves in Matera’s medieval rock-hewn churches, my dad and I were interviewing [...]

21 04, 2008

Pasta in Matera

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Thanks to a genius marketing campaign, Barilla has tricked us into thinking that Barilla is “Italian for pasta”. Actually, it is Italian for crap. REAL pasta is handmade from quality durum wheat mixed with water. Matera is surrounded by plains that have been Italy’s breadbasket for 2000 years, once supplying the Roman Empire with large [...]

20 04, 2008

Ristorante Lucanerie, Matera

2017-02-14T15:13:27+00:00 April 20th, 2008|Categories: Basilicata, Food & Wine|6 Comments

UPDATE: Le Lucanerie has closed but thankfully owner Francesco Abbondanza has opened L’Abbondanza Lucana (via Bruno Buozzi, 11 – tel. +390835334574) near the Duomo. Expect the same stellar regional cuisine as Le Lucanerie. While researching for the Rough Guide Italy’s Basilicata chapter, my dad and I spent 4 days in Matera eating our way from [...]

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