30 10, 2009

The Day I Ate Ravioli in a Toyota Dealership

2016-01-07T14:37:32+00:00 October 30th, 2009|Categories: Carbs, Turkish Cuisine|2 Comments

It took nearly two months but I have finally managed to overcome technical difficulties and upload the last of my photos from my month in Turkey. This has facilitated several trips down memory lane, one of which brought me back to Kaşıkla, a restaurant in a Toyota dealership […]

29 10, 2009

Biscottini in Rome’s Ghetto

2016-01-07T14:37:32+00:00 October 29th, 2009|Categories: Gastronomic Traditions, Jewish/Kosher, Rome & Lazio|12 Comments

There are a number of places in Rome that I am physically incapable of passing without buying something: Libreria del Viaggiatore, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Roscioli (both Marco and Pietro’s bakeries), and Pasticceria “Boccione” Limentani. […]

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