29 04, 2011

Lunch at Il Talucco in Valdengo

2016-01-09T13:34:41+00:00 April 29th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Fried Foods, Meat, Piedmont, Restaurants|13 Comments

The list of restaurants where I could happily move in next door and be content to eat in every day got a bit longer this week after a visit to Il Talucco. The organic restaurant, which its owners Valentina Aimone and Nico Zara define as “atipico” on their business card, is also a B&B. So [...]

28 04, 2011

Ezio Cerruti's Moscato Passito

2016-01-07T03:36:33+00:00 April 28th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Piedmont, Sweets & Dessert, Wine & Spirits|3 Comments

Moscato bianco vines. When I pulled up to Ezio Cerruti’s house in Castiglione Tinella, there were major works in progress. The cantina was being transformed, the driveway was half-paved, and uprooted plants were scattered across the lawn. “The works should be done in ten days,” he told me, “but the cantina […]

27 04, 2011

Dinner at Casa dei Tajarin

2016-01-07T03:36:33+00:00 April 27th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Piedmont|1 Comment

After a long and lovely lunch in the Bussia vineyards of Barolo, a massive dinner probably wasn’t entirely necessary, but I’m not one to turn down a home cooked meal, especially when the home cooks are Mauro […]

27 04, 2011

Pasquetta Tra Le Vigne

2016-01-09T14:16:50+00:00 April 27th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Piedmont|8 Comments

Yesterday was Pasquetta, Easter Monday, a day that was once synonymous with a picnics in a vineyard. At least that’s what it used to mean in the Langhe. Judging by the fact that our 4-hour long picnic and subsequent nap was uninterrupted by passersby, I think it is safe to […]

26 04, 2011

Road Trip In The Langhe

2016-01-07T03:36:34+00:00 April 26th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Piedmont|3 Comments

Vineyards outside Barolo. This week I will be traveling around the Langhe, a zone in southern Piedmont known for its wine and artisanal food production. I will be meeting pasta producers, cheesemakers, wine producers, and millers who dedicate their lives to producing high quality, natural food. Check in for updates. Arvëdse!

22 04, 2011

Eating and Drinking in Monteverde

2016-01-07T03:36:34+00:00 April 22nd, 2011|Categories: Beer, Food & Wine, Pizza, Restaurants, Rome & Lazio, Wine & Spirits|10 Comments

Today’s post is inspired by a reader question. Douglas wrote, “My wife and I will be in Rome at the end of May and will be staying in the Monteverde neighborhood. Would you be able to give us some suggested […]

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