27 05, 2011

Ice Ice Baby, Vice Gelateria in Rome

May 27th, 2011|Categories: Food & Wine, Gelato, Rome & Lazio, Sweets & Dessert|7 Comments

At first glance, you wouldn’t guess in a million ice ages that Vice was Rome’s premier artisanal gelateria. It has a bizarre futuristic icy themed decor accented with cotton snow. It’s what I imagine the Ice Club on Via Madonna dei Monti looks like inside. But instead of guidos […]

25 05, 2011

Grano and the Selective Service Charge

May 25th, 2011|Categories: Restaurants, Restaurants in Rome, Rome & Lazio|Tags: |33 Comments

Grano’s English menu. Photo by Gina Tringali I know there’s a lot of crazy distracting English going on in the shot of Grano’s menu, but focus on the line below “It’s available our wine list”. Focus good and hard on “Service 15%”. This is the first time I am seeing that line on Grano’s menu. [...]

24 05, 2011

Da Felice in Testaccio: The Sad Decline

May 24th, 2011|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Meat, Restaurants, Restaurants in Rome, Rome & Lazio|Tags: |20 Comments

What is it about Roman institutions that allows them to get away with inconsistent, often mediocre food? Is it nostalgia that leads locals to give them a pass? In the case of Da Felice in Testaccio, I’m going to go with a resounding yes. This restaurant is undoubtedly part of Rome’s gastro […]

19 05, 2011

Near Rome's Campo de' Fiori, Craft Beer and Body Jewelry Unite

May 19th, 2011|Categories: Beer, Food & Wine, Rome & Lazio, Wine & Spirits|0 Comments

Last night while I was shopping for labret studs taking a stroll, I noticed a brightly lit storefront on Via dei Giubbonari. The street is famous for its boutiques, but this one was different, and not just because it was open at 10PM. The glass displays outside were full of beer bottles and bags of [...]