30 03, 2013

Roma Farmers’ Market Testaccio Location Closes

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 30th, 2013|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Rome & Lazio|7 Comments

Polemiche: pl, noun. Definition: Controversy brought on by differing opinions. It wouldn’t be Roman news without a whole lot of polemiche. The subject of this post is the debate over how, where and how much food commerce can be conducted in and around Testaccio. […]

24 03, 2013

On Vieques, An Exciting Newcomer, With Caveats

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 24th, 2013|Categories: Food & Wine, Restaurants, Travel|0 Comments

In my latest restaurant review for the NYT, I visit Orquideas in Vieques, Puerto Rico, a newly revamped restaurant near Esperanza's Malecón. Read more on the Caribbean island that has become the Parla family annual winter destination here.

21 03, 2013

More Than Just Wine at the Real Wine Fair in London

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 21st, 2013|Categories: Beer, Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, London, Travel, Wine & Spirits|0 Comments

On March 17-18, The Real Wine Fair was held in Tobacco Dock in Lodon’s Wapping district. As the name would imply, there were amazing natural wine makers from all over the world (with an especially large presence from Georgia), but visitors to the fair were also treated to a fantastic array of food, beer and [...]

19 03, 2013

Sfinge and the Feast of San Giuseppe, Palermo

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 19th, 2013|Categories: Culture, Food & Wine, Fried Foods, Gastronomic Traditions, Guest Post, Sicily, Sweets & Dessert|4 Comments

Today’s festive and timely guest post comes from Dr. Paula Salvio of the University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute. She shares old and new memories of a special deep fried Sicilian treat that is traditionally made on March 19 for the Feast of San Giuseppe. […]

14 03, 2013

Pizzarelle, A Roman Pesach Tradition

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 14th, 2013|Categories: Carbs, Culture, Food & Wine, Gastronomic Traditions, Jewish/Kosher, Rome & Lazio, Sweets & Dessert|5 Comments

Rome’s Jewish community has a rich and flavorful culinary tradition that spans 22 centuries and encompasses native Roman, as well as Spanish, Libyan and Sicilian influences. Sweets are particularly important–try Boccione Il Forno del Ghetto and Mondo di Laura for proof–and during Pesach, one of the […]

11 03, 2013

Tripe Wallet, A Thoroughly Roman Gift

2017-02-17T15:16:52+00:00 March 11th, 2013|Categories: Culture, Rome & Lazio|2 Comments

What do you get the girl who has eats everything? A tripe wallet, of course. Until yesterday, I didn’t even know such an exquisite thing could exist. But my friends (who know me too well) pitched in for this amazing, textured folding wallet, which is made from cow’s stomach and sealed with a hand crafted [...]

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