/Adana Oçakbaşı in Kurtuluş, Istanbul

Adana Oçakbaşı in Kurtuluş, Istanbul

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Superlatives are highly subjective and, in most cases, proclaiming a place “the best” is arbitrary, or even ridiculous. But when it comes to Adana Oçakbaşı in Kurtuluş, I see no other way to proceed. Go see for yourself. Book well in advance and if you can take the heat, sit near the grill where ciğer (liver) is cooked just right and uykuluk (lamb sweetbreads) are delicately seared before melting in your mouth. Order the spicy Adana kebab, the house specialty, lamb minced with a liberal amount of tail fat. Cut the grease with roasted garlic bathed in tangy pomegranate molasses. Open: Daily 14:00-24:00




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  1. Ted F. Marshall April 30, 2013 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    Love your comments on Istanbul and look forward to your app. My Wife and I go there as often as possible and have two great guides that show us the city and other areas of Turkey. Safe travels and we enjoy your travels.

  2. […] meat and offal dishes of Adana and Antep have been adopted by Istanbul and grill houses like Adana Ocakbaşı and Kenan Usta are among the best places to eat in town. At Çiya, regional seasonal kebabs are […]

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