/Chickpea Pizza at 00100

Chickpea Pizza at 00100

Whenever I am in Testaccio, which is often, I make three stops. The first is to Panificio Passi for a sliver of pizza bianca or pizza rossa, the second is to 00100 for another slice of pizza, and the third is to Fata Morgana for gelato. I am clearly a carbo loader and not very interested in a balanced diet. Fortunately for me, 00100 has lots of pizza al taglio loaded with protein, like this one with mashed chickpeas and rosemary. The hummus-like topping also has tomato paste in it (I think) and lots of rosemary. I think that covers all the food groups doesn’t it?

Via Giovanni Branca 88

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  1. Mick_P May 14, 2010 at 11:34 am - Reply

    Still not tried this place. I must get over there. I was at the Greenwich cinema the other evening and it would have been the ideal opportunity, but there you go. Love chickpeas. My chickpea pancakes are always a hit with Mrs P.

  2. Alice May 14, 2010 at 10:58 am - Reply

    Oh my… I think I will be spending all weekend trying to recreate this.

  3. […] is a perfect balance of stellar dough and simple, well conceived toppings. Speck and mozzarella, pureed chick peas, and potatoes with mozzarella are personal favorites. Callegari also makes an outstanding foccaccia […]

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