/Dining in Rome in August

Dining in Rome in August

Mezze maniche all’amatriciana at Roscioli.

This post has been updated. See the 2012 edition here.

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  1. Alexina August 7, 2011 at 12:37 am - Reply

    Firstly, a big thank you for all of the wonderful tips – we are in Rome at the moment and have prettty much planned our whole trip around food recommendations on your blog (and the top 10 articles on The Guardian website)! We are both ‘foodies’ and my boyfriend is Italian so we feel fairly qualified to feedback on what we have tried so far…

    L’Arcangelo was outstanding (so far, the gnocchi has been the standout dish of our trip) – cucina Romana perfetta e tradizionale! We would recommend going for lunch after visisting il Vaticano.

    Palatium was also fantastic: everything that we ate -and we ate a lot- was great. Fabulous modern and creative Italian cuisine with a great atmosphere and convenient location.

    Cafe Sant’Eustachio seems to be hands-down favourite for coffee (according to every guidebook, every blog and everyone) – it did not disappoint.

    Tonda was great BUT difficult to get to and not in the nicest of areas. It served up undoubtedly the best Neopolitan-style pizza we’ve ever had, but we think there are other pizzerias which are as good or almost as good, in easier-to-reach locations! Glad we went but if we had realised what an effort it would be, we would have probably given it a miss.

    Flavio is worth a visit if you are in the area but we wouldnàt go out of our way. I had langoustines for secondo and tiramisu for dolce – both were delicious but perhaps judged harshly by me because
    a) the boyfriend’s mum is a fishmonger, thus we have access to some fantastic fish and seafood
    b) I would say (and this will probably be controversial) that, on balance, my mum’s tiramisu is better . I am sure, however, that this is just a matter of preference: I would have preferred more of an espresso kick and less chocolate!

    San Crispino serves consistently excellent ice cream; the shops are pretty (always an important consideration) and well located. Claudio de Torce was an experience – a bit out of the way but worth a visit if only to try crazy flavours such as gorgonzola or celery! It definitely had the novelty factor, and the ice cream was divine – but if it’s pure enjoyment you’re after, then San Crispino is your gelateria (their shops are located in the historic center to boot).

    Roscioli was a fantastic place for lunch, or to grab some things for a picnic.

    And, to go off (briefly) on a tangent, the historical attractions have all been impressive but Palazzo Altemps was an absolute gem which we would recommend to anyone: beautiful and serene (it was pretty much empty when we went) – the highlight.

    Thank you again Katie – your recommendations have made our trip!
    We have Glass, Vascello, Fatamorgana and 00100 (amongst others) still left to look forward to!

    Alexina (& Gianluca)

  2. Janet Band August 10, 2011 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the tips Katie! Always like to know where you are eating.

    I don’t recall you ever talking about Grano? What do you think?

    Did you go to Ciya (Istanbul) this summer? Does it continue to wow?

    Hope you are well.



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