/Roman Seasonal Produce Dinner at Amis in Philadelphia
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I’m back with the Amis team for another Roman feast! This time we’ll be celebrating seasonal produce*.

The dinner will be held on Tuesday May 30 at 6:30pm at Amis in Philadelphia. The cost of the dinner is $65 per person (beverage pairings will cost $35).


Cazzimperio aka crudite of beautiful vegetables served with olive oil

Torta rustica

Seasonal vegetable frittata

Fiori di zucca

Zucchini “carbonara” replacing guanciale with zucchini (this is actually a thing, I swear!)

A riff on vignarola, Rome’s classic fava bean, pea, lettuce, and artichoke stew

An awesome seasonal fruit sorbet

For bookings contact amis@vetrifamily.com or call 215-732-2647.

*In my newsletter announcement the original theme of the event was Roman Jewish cuisine. We will certainly revisit that fascinating topic at another date but did not want to compete with the great Mike Solomonov’s dinner of a similar theme the previous week!