/Tasting Rome Dinner at Coperta in Denver, CO
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Join Katie Parla for a Tasting Rome cookbook dinner at Coperta in Denver, CO on Tuesday August 22. The four-course dinner will be served family style and the $85 price tag includes a signed copy of Tasting Rome. Here’s what Coperta and Katie will be serving:

-butter and anchovy crostini
-fried and marinated zucchini
-Gorgonzola and radicchio suppli

-spaghetti alla gricia
-spaghetti with chicory and bottarga
-gnocchi with tomato, mozzarella, and basil

-Roman-style tripe
-chicken meatballs in white wine sauce
-celery with anchovy dressing (faux insalata di puntarelle)

Choice of stracciatella, jasmine, or hazelnut gelati

Call Coperta to book!

Coperta is a restaurant dedicated to celebrating the flavors and traditions of Rome and the Italian south.

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