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La Vita Siciliana Trip For Roads & Kingdoms’ League of Travelers

March 17, 2024 - March 23, 2024
Katie Parla Eating

Ice cream for breakfast. Evening aperitivos. Leisurely late-night meals: Lean in to the rhythms of Sicilian life with an unparalleled food bounty shaped by the Mediterranean and centuries of conquest and exchange. Many of Italian cuisine’s best-loved dishes are rooted in Sicilian soil—join Katie Parla and Eugenio Signoroni for a tour of some of the best ingredients and meals Europe has to offer. Our weeklong journey moves across the island for a deep dive into the cuisine and the cultures that continue shaping it. From the wine country around Mt Etna to the food markets of Palermo, embrace Sicily’s multi-faceted bounty. View full itinerary here.

About League of Travelers: Journey alongside chefs, raconteurs, and Roads & Kingdoms for the deepest culinary tours on earth. Five percent of all proceeds benefits World Central Kitchen.



March 17, 2024


March 23, 2024