I have a ridiculous sweet tooth and these are some places that I love for gelato and desserts.  (I admit the heading is trite but is there a better name for this list?)

Andreotti Via Ostiense 54b. (daily 7:30am-10pm). 5 minutes walk from the Museo Centrale Montemartini, this legendary, yet unassuming, pastry shop sells delicious cakes, pies and cream desserts.

Cafffe’ Camerino Largo Argentina (7.30am-8pm daily). Called the Caffe with 3 “fs”, Cafffe’ Camerino serves some of the citys best capuccino. Good pastries and sandwiches, too.

La Caffettiera Piazza di Pietra 65 (daily 7am-9pm). Locals clamor for this caffe’s Neapolitan pastries like sfogliatelle e baba’. They do a nice lunch of sandwiches and torte rustiche (quiches).

Old Bridge Via Bastioni di Michelangelo (daily 10am-1am). Ask for doppia panna (whipped cream inside the cone and on top of your gelato) at this gelateria serving around 20 homemade flavors. It is just off Piazza Risorgimento, opposite the Vatican walls.

Gelarmony Via Marcantonio Colonna 34 (daily 10am-1am). This Sicilian gelateria makes some of the city’s best gelato. I’m a sucker for una brioche on gelato (a slightly sweet bun stuffed with gelato). They also make fabulous lemon, coffee and almond granite (Italian ices).

Cremeria Monforte Via della Rotonda 22 (Wed-Sun 10am-midnight). Another Sicilan gelateria, I cannot pass this place without getting a cremolato di mandorla (almond slush), sweet and smooth, but for the occasional almond sliver.

Ciuri Ciuri Via Leonina 18-20 (daily 9am-midnight). Yet another Sicilian gelateria and pastry shop (it’s in my DNA to love these places) with excellent chocolate based gelati (the cannolo flavor isn’t bad, either) and delectable cassatte sicilane (ricotta cakes) and cannoli filled to order. There is a vast array of pasties, large and small, and plenty of marzipan and almond cookies.