Necci has been around for a very long time, but its present incarnation only dates back a few years. In 2007, the bar came under new ownership and its decor and philosophy were revamped by owner Massimo Innocenti and Chef Benjamin Hirst. Now this once run-down spot dripping with nostalgia is a trendy bar and restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The front counter also doubles as a gastronomia where daily specials, freshly baked bread, pastries, olive oil, and pasta are sold for take-away.

I went to Necci yesterday for Easter lunch and enjoyed the food. The antipasto pasquale was a delightful mix of fave, pecorino, torta salata, lardo, and coppiette. The pasta course, tonnarelli con agnello e vignarola was creative, and the roasted lamb with artichokes and potatoes was delectable. I found the pastiera a little dry, but then again I am used to eating this Neapolitan grain cake in Naples, where it just tastes better.

The place was absolutely slammed and they certainly could have used an extra server or two on the floor. It is so illogical to me to that restaurant owners/managers in Italy subject their employees to such chaos by not providing adequate backup on busy days. Well, at least the servers were nice when we could get their attention. This is not a given in Pigneto. (Im talking about you, Primo and Pigneto Quarantuno!)

Necci dal 1924
Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, Roma