I’m launching a new tour and I am super excited about it! If you’re into booze, you might be, too. Well, it’s actually not a tour, but more like a cocktail seminar. As I recently wrote for PUNCH, Rome’s drinking culture is improving slowly but surely and we can finally rejoice at the arrival of properly made affordable cocktails in the historical center.

This 2-hour cocktail seminar places Italian cocktails in their cultural context and explores ancient mixed drinks, lost pre-war spirits, local spirit production and Italian and Italian-style cocktails. From classics, such as the Negroni and the Milano-Torino, to modern twists, a strong emphasis will be placed on the resurgence of the cocktail in Rome’s historical center, looking both at hotel bars and new drinking establishments.

The tour will begin with a short walking tour of the Campo de’ Fiori district detailing contemporary drinking culture, followed by a curated drinking session at Barnum Cafè, which has quickly established itself as one of the premiere cocktail bars in the historic center. At the end of our time together you will come away with a strong understanding of cocktail culture in Italy, from aperitifs to digestives, as well as knowledge of the history behind the cocktails and spirits most common to the country.

Not up for a history lesson? Check out these bars for the city’s most interesting cocktails. Who knows…I might be on the bar stool next to yours!

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