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National Broadcast:
Hallmark & Home and Family interview and demo
Vice/Munchies – recipe demo
LA Times – book mention
Seattle Times – book mention
Gourmet Traveller: Best Cookbooks of 2019 – book mention
Eater: Becoming a Go-To Food Authority in Rome – profile
Wall Street Journal – book mention
NJ Monthly – profile
Wine & Spirits – drink feature
Edible New Jersey Spring Issuebook mention
Fine Cooking book review
Wanderlust travel magazine (UK magazine)recipe feature
Milwaukee Journal Sentinelevent + book coverage
Publisher’s Weekly starred review
Imbibe magazine drink feature
Time Out – book mention
Splendid Table recipe feature
Fine Cooking book review
Atlanta Journal-Constitution recipe feature
Phoenix New Timesbook mention
FathomBook mention
Pittsburg Post-Gazette book review and recipe
Providence Journalevent mention
OC Registerbook review and recipe
Grubstreet spring preview
Imbibe – cocktail feature

The Manuel recipe feature
Shepard Express author interview and event mention
Food & Wine spring feature
Shelf Life recipe and book feature
Northwest Indiana Times recipes and Chicago event mention author feature and cookbook tie in
EpicuriousSpring preview
Boulder Weekly recipe feature
Bloomberg.combook mention
Forbes.combook mention
Punchauthor interview
Woman’s DayThe Best Cookbooks Coming Out in 2019
Vice Munchiesauthor feature
Great Jonesrecipe feature

Snacky Tunes – interview
I Love Wellness with Lo Bosworth – author interview
Book Larder Podcast – author interview
Keep in Quirky – author interview
Live to Eat with Candace Nelson – author interview
Tastemade’s Table Setting with Kate & Max – author interview
On The Menu with Ann Haigh author interview
Smart Mouth Podcast author interview
Prince Street Podcast author interview
Local Broadcast:
Good Day Chicagocooking segment 
WGN Chicagocooking segment 
Fox 19 Cincinnati Morning Showcooking segment
Potluck Kitchen cooking segment
KSDK St. Louiscooking segment



12/23/2016 The Guardian  “The Christmas cappelletti helping to preserve Italy’s food heritage”

12/2/2016 Godt  “Slik lager du ekte romersk mat hjemme”

12/2016 Food & Wine “The Best Cookbooks of 2016”

11/22/2016 The Guardian “Pumpkin Frittata Recipe from Rome”

11/22/2016 Italy Magazine “7 Great Italian Cookbooks Essential for Your Collection”

11/3/2016 The Guardian  “How to make the perfect cacio e pepe”

11/2016 Indagare Travel “Q&A with Culinary Expert Katie Parla”

10/27/2016 The Genuine Kitchen “Serious Case of the Roman Munchies | Katie Parla’s Viceland Street Food Tour & What You’re Eating at Her Harry’s Pizzeria Pop Up Dinner”

9/22/2016 The Guardian “Italy’s Best-Kept Food Secret”

Sept/Oct 2016 Yale Alumni Magazine “Tasting Rome Review”

9/2016 Ethiad Inflight “Walk This Way”

9/2016 Wine Enthusiast Porchetta”

8/2016 Australian Gourmet Traveller “An Insider’s Guide to Wine When in Rome”

8/29/2016 Tampa Bay Times “Cookbook review: A tale of two Italian cities in ‘Florentine’ and ‘Tasting Rome'”

8/29/2016 Hurriyet Daily News “The Power of Pasta”

8/24/2016 Daily Sabah “Your Guide to Turkey’s Best Grape Harvest Routes”

8/20/2016 Condè Nast Traveler “Where in the World to Eat”

7/13/2016 Kane County Chronicle  “Tom’s Cookbook Library: ‘Tasting Rome’ celebrates tradition, innovation”

7/6/2016 Tastebook “What I’m Cooking from Now: Katie Parla”

7/1/2016 Storytrail “My CurioCity: Katie Parla orders 22 pounds of Prosciutto, with a side of Ass Sheets”

7/1/2016 The Town Courier “Travel to Rome Without Leaving Home”

6/16/2016 Chowhound “Table Talk with Katie Parla”

6/7/2016 Food Network “Italian-Style Macaroni and Cheese, Plus Pantry Staples for Roman Cooking”

Spring/Summer 2016 Curated Magazine “When in Rome…Mangia”

5/26/2016 Sweet Paul “25 Books I’m LOVING Right Now”

5/19/2016 Epoch Times “When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do”

5/14/2016 The Telegraph “A Journey Through Italian Cookery Books”

5/11/2016 Chicago Tribune “Monteverde to Host Cookbook Dinner with Katie Parla”

5/11/2016 Time Out New York “Where to Find the Best Roman Dishes in NYC”

5/11/2016 Northwest Indiana Times “Will Travel For Food: Katie Parla on Roman Cuisine”

5/9/2016 Departures “Katie Parla’s Required Reading”

5/9/2016 Cleveland Scene “Citizen Pie Welcomes International Food Writer Katie Parla”

5/5/2016 Gear Patrol “The Year’s Best New Cookbooks”

5/4/2016 New York Times “Map of Rome Uses Food as the Landmarks”

5/2/2016 Fathom “A Roman Recipe for Vito Bernabei’s Porchetta”

4/29/2016 AmexEssentials “Essential Drinks: The Low-Down in Italian Red Bitters”

4/29/2016 Vice “The Edible Legacy That Arabs Left in Southern Italy”

4/28/2016 Eater San Francisco “A Taste of Roman Food in San Francisco”

4/28/2016 Indagare “Q&A With Culinary Expert Katie Parla”

4/27/2016 Zagat “9 Roman Dishes You Need to Know and Where to Get Them”

4/24/2016 Billy Penn “Tour of Philly’s Italian Market Wows Cookbook Author from Italy”

4/16/2016 Imbibe “Tasting Rome’s Cosa Nostra Cocktail”

4/16/2016 Eater “Fried Squash Blossoms to Celebrate Spring”

4/14/2016 The Guardian “How to Make the Perfect Salsa Verde”

4/13/2016 Epicurious “Around the World With 4 New Cookbooks”

4/8/2016 Wall Street Journal “Recipe: The Secrets to Perfect Cacio e Pepe”

4/8/2016 Good Food Revolution “Katie Parla Tasting Rome”

4/7/2016 Food 52 “Why Italian Craft Beer is So Expensive and Worth the Splurge”

4/7/2016 Andrew Zimmern “My Hometown: Katie Parla’s Rome”

4/6/2016 NYT “A Roman Pasta Recipe For Long Distance Runners”

4/6/2016 Bloomberg “To Make a Foolproof Pizza, Bake it Upside Down”

4/6/2016 Afar “What to Eat in Rome If You Only Have 24 Hours”

4/5/2016 Tablehopper “New York Haps, From Brunch Pop-Ups to Katie Parla in Town”

4/4/2016 Cafe Fernando “Fave dei Morti + Tasting Rome Çekilişli”

4/2/2016 In Style “The Creamiest Cacio e Pepe Ever, Approved by Mario Batali”

4/1/2016 The Infatuation “Friday Fives: Katie Parla’s Guide to Rome”

4/1/2016 Journy “The City Dweller’s Guide to Rome”

3/29/2016 Andrew Zimmern “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/29/2016 Andrew Zimmern “Artichoke, Peas, Fava, and Lettuce Stew”

3/29/2016 Salt & Wind “24 Hours in Rome with Katie Parla”

3/29/2016 Salt & Wind “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/29/2016 The Gannet: “Q&A with Katie Parla”

3/28/2016 Princeton Packet“Katie Parla Shares a Taste of Rome”

3/28/2016 Princeton Packet: “From Rome with a Love For Food”

3/25/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 3: Brooklyn Bread Lab”

3/25/2016 Tastebook “10 Things We’ve Learned from Tasting Rome”

3/24/2016 PUNCH “The Best Drink Books of Spring/Summer 2016”

3/24/2016 Salt & Wind: Off Menu Rome Episode”

3/23/2016 Lucky Peach “Pizza Romana”

3/23/2016 Lucky Peach “Pizza Bianca e Pizza Rossa”

3/22/2016 Pure Wow: “Spring’s Best Cookbooks”

3/18/2016 The Splendid Table: “Upside Down Pizza and the Evolving Cuisine of Rome”

3/18/2016 The Splendid Table: “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/18/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 2: Sullivan Street Bakery”

3/16/2016 Tasting Table: “22 of the Best Cookbooks and Food Memoirs Hitting Shelves This Spring”

3/11/2016 Conde Nast Traveller“Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 1: Marta”

3/11/2016 Tasting Table“Spaghetti alla Gricia”

3/11/2016 Tasting Table: “Rome Sweet Rome”

3/9/2016 Saveur: “The 7 Spring Cookbooks We Can’t Stop Reading”

3/3/2016 Eater“Does Starbucks Stand a Chance in Italy?”

3/1/2016 La Repubblica “Mangiare a Roma? Suggerimenti Di Due Esperti Americani”

3/1/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Mario Batali & Katie Parla’s Guide to Eating in Rome”

3/2016 Turkish Skylife Magazine “Roman Culinary Empire”

2/24/2016 Eater: “Here’s Every Spring 2016 Cookbook That Matters”

2/15/2016 Publisher’s Weekly: “Tasting Rome Cookbook Review”

2/15/2016 La Presse“Suivez le guide à Rome”

2/3/2016 Epicurious: “The 30 Most Exciting New Spring Cookbooks”

2/2016 Sunday Times Magazine: “4 Things We Learnt…About Rome’s Food Scene

1/7/2016 Village Voice: “At a Special Dinner at Sessanta, Take a Tour of Rome in Five Dishes”




2013 Departures“Ultimate City Guide”

12/20/2013 Yahoo Food“What’s the Deal With The Feast of Seven Fishes”

10/21/2013 Slice“Pizza and Italian Craft Beer Pairings: Gabriele Bonci and Katie Parla Team Up at Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn”

9/1/2013 Mondo“Tehtävä Rooma”

8/4/2013 LA Times“Istanbul Travel Advice”

7/26/2013 Matching Food & Wine“Why the Italian Craft Beer Scene is So Exciting”

7/15/2013 Marie Claire Turkey“Modern Seyyahlar”

6/28/2013 The House of Peroni“Introducing the Blogger Mapping Rome’s Edible Landscape”

6/18/2013 Weekly Pint“Italian Beer Terroir”

5/21/2013 Istanbul Food“Katie Parla’s Istanbul App”

5/6/2013 Let’s Go with Ryanair: “Head to Trail”

4/12/2013 AFAR“Featured Traveler: Katie Parla”

4/5/2013 NYT“When in Rome, Eat Like an Expat”

3/13/2013 Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing“An Introduction to Foodie Rome”

3/13/2013 The Sounder“Through An (Almost) Roman Native’s Eyes”

March/April 2013 Departures“Where To Eat And Drink In The New Year”

2/8/2013 NYT Dining“Weekend Fare”


7/2/2012 Rachel Ray Blogs“A Mobile Roman Holiday”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away“Hometown Debrief: Katie Parla’s Rome”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away“Fathom Questionnaire: Katie Parla”

1/11/2012 National Geographic Intelligent Traveler“I Heart My City: Katie’s Rome”

12/29/2011 NYT Travel“Borghese Treasures Return to Rome”

12/25/2011 NYT Travel“Rome for the Holidays”

12/19/2011 NYT Travel“Dining During a Roman Holiday”

9/27/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Guided Tours Through Europe”

8/2/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Spring Break in Italy? Head to Rome”

6/21/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Off-the-Path Adventures in Turkey”

6/7/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: A Week on Ponza, Italy”

3/11/2011 The Atlantic Food Channel“In Search of Rome’s Holy Trinity: Pizza, Coffee, And Gelato”