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12/23/2016 The Guardian  “The Christmas cappelletti helping to preserve Italy’s food heritage”

12/2/2016 Godt  “Slik lager du ekte romersk mat hjemme”

12/2016 Food & Wine “The Best Cookbooks of 2016”

11/22/2016 The Guardian “Pumpkin Frittata Recipe from Rome”

11/22/2016 Italy Magazine “7 Great Italian Cookbooks Essential for Your Collection”

11/3/2016 The Guardian  “How to make the perfect cacio e pepe”

11/2016 Indagare Travel “Q&A with Culinary Expert Katie Parla”

10/27/2016 The Genuine Kitchen “Serious Case of the Roman Munchies | Katie Parla’s Viceland Street Food Tour & What You’re Eating at Her Harry’s Pizzeria Pop Up Dinner”

9/22/2016 The Guardian “Italy’s Best-Kept Food Secret”

Sept/Oct 2016 Yale Alumni Magazine “Tasting Rome Review”

9/2016 Ethiad Inflight “Walk This Way”

9/2016 Wine Enthusiast Porchetta”

8/2016 Australian Gourmet Traveller “An Insider’s Guide to Wine When in Rome”

8/29/2016 Tampa Bay Times “Cookbook review: A tale of two Italian cities in ‘Florentine’ and ‘Tasting Rome'”

8/29/2016 Hurriyet Daily News “The Power of Pasta”

8/24/2016 Daily Sabah “Your Guide to Turkey’s Best Grape Harvest Routes”

8/20/2016 Condè Nast Traveler “Where in the World to Eat”

8/20/2016 Event Magazin “Katie Parla, Kristina Gill Rom – Das Kochbuch – Erscheint”

7/13/2016 Kane County Chronicle  “Tom’s Cookbook Library: ‘Tasting Rome’ celebrates tradition, innovation”

7/6/2016 Tastebook “What I’m Cooking from Now: Katie Parla”

7/1/2016 Storytrail “My CurioCity: Katie Parla orders 22 pounds of Prosciutto, with a side of Ass Sheets”

7/1/2016 The Town Courier “Travel to Rome Without Leaving Home”

6/16/2016 Chowhound “Table Talk with Katie Parla”

6/7/2016 Food Network “Italian-Style Macaroni and Cheese, Plus Pantry Staples for Roman Cooking”

Spring/Summer 2016 Curated Magazine “When in Rome…Mangia”

5/26/2016 Sweet Paul “25 Books I’m LOVING Right Now”

5/19/2016 Epoch Times “When in Rome, Do As the Romans Do”

5/14/2016 The Telegraph “A Journey Through Italian Cookery Books”

5/11/2016 Chicago Tribune “Monteverde to Host Cookbook Dinner with Katie Parla”

5/11/2016 Time Out New York “Where to Find the Best Roman Dishes in NYC”

5/11/2016 Northwest Indiana Times “Will Travel For Food: Katie Parla on Roman Cuisine”

5/9/2016 Departures “Katie Parla’s Required Reading”

5/9/2016 Cleveland Scene “Citizen Pie Welcomes International Food Writer Katie Parla”

5/5/2016 Gear Patrol “The Year’s Best New Cookbooks”

5/4/2016 New York Times “Map of Rome Uses Food as the Landmarks”

5/2/2016 Fathom “A Roman Recipe for Vito Bernabei’s Porchetta”

4/29/2016 AmexEssentials “Essential Drinks: The Low-Down in Italian Red Bitters”

4/29/2016 Vice “The Edible Legacy That Arabs Left in Southern Italy”

4/28/2016 Eater San Francisco “A Taste of Roman Food in San Francisco”

4/28/2016 Indagare “Q&A With Culinary Expert Katie Parla”

4/27/2016 Zagat “9 Roman Dishes You Need to Know and Where to Get Them”

4/24/2016 Billy Penn “Tour of Philly’s Italian Market Wows Cookbook Author from Italy”

4/16/2016 Imbibe “Tasting Rome’s Cosa Nostra Cocktail”

4/16/2016 Eater “Fried Squash Blossoms to Celebrate Spring”

4/14/2016 The Guardian “How to Make the Perfect Salsa Verde”

4/13/2016 Epicurious “Around the World With 4 New Cookbooks”

4/8/2016 Wall Street Journal “Recipe: The Secrets to Perfect Cacio e Pepe”

4/8/2016 Good Food Revolution “Katie Parla Tasting Rome”

4/7/2016 Food 52 “Why Italian Craft Beer is So Expensive and Worth the Splurge”

4/7/2016 Andrew Zimmern “My Hometown: Katie Parla’s Rome”

4/6/2016 NYT “A Roman Pasta Recipe For Long Distance Runners”

4/6/2016 Bloomberg “To Make a Foolproof Pizza, Bake it Upside Down”

4/6/2016 Afar “What to Eat in Rome If You Only Have 24 Hours”

4/5/2016 Tablehopper “New York Haps, From Brunch Pop-Ups to Katie Parla in Town”

4/4/2016 Cafe Fernando “Fave dei Morti + Tasting Rome Çekilişli”

4/2/2016 In Style “The Creamiest Cacio e Pepe Ever, Approved by Mario Batali”

4/1/2016 The Infatuation “Friday Fives: Katie Parla’s Guide to Rome”

4/1/2016 Journy “The City Dweller’s Guide to Rome”

3/29/2016 Andrew Zimmern “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/29/2016 Andrew Zimmern “Artichoke, Peas, Fava, and Lettuce Stew”

3/29/2016 Salt & Wind “24 Hours in Rome with Katie Parla”

3/29/2016 Salt & Wind “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/29/2016 The Gannet: “Q&A with Katie Parla”

3/28/2016 Princeton Packet“Katie Parla Shares a Taste of Rome”

3/28/2016 Princeton Packet: “From Rome with a Love For Food”

3/25/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 3: Brooklyn Bread Lab”

3/25/2016 Tastebook “10 Things We’ve Learned from Tasting Rome”

3/24/2016 PUNCH “The Best Drink Books of Spring/Summer 2016”

3/24/2016 Salt & Wind: Off Menu Rome Episode”

3/23/2016 Lucky Peach “Pizza Romana”

3/23/2016 Lucky Peach “Pizza Bianca e Pizza Rossa”

3/22/2016 Pure Wow: “Spring’s Best Cookbooks”

3/18/2016 The Splendid Table: “Upside Down Pizza and the Evolving Cuisine of Rome”

3/18/2016 The Splendid Table: “Leonardo Vignoli’s Cacio e Pepe”

3/18/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 2: Sullivan Street Bakery”

3/16/2016 Tasting Table: “22 of the Best Cookbooks and Food Memoirs Hitting Shelves This Spring”

3/11/2016 Conde Nast Traveller“Katie Parla’s Roman Pizza Tour of NYC Part 1: Marta”

3/11/2016 Tasting Table“Spaghetti alla Gricia”

3/11/2016 Tasting Table: “Rome Sweet Rome”

3/9/2016 Saveur: “The 7 Spring Cookbooks We Can’t Stop Reading”

3/3/2016 Eater“Does Starbucks Stand a Chance in Italy?”

3/1/2016 La Repubblica “Mangiare a Roma? Suggerimenti Di Due Esperti Americani”

3/1/2016 Conde Nast Traveler: “Mario Batali & Katie Parla’s Guide to Eating in Rome”

3/2016 Turkish Skylife Magazine “Roman Culinary Empire”

2/24/2016 Eater: “Here’s Every Spring 2016 Cookbook That Matters”

2/15/2016 Publisher’s Weekly: “Tasting Rome Cookbook Review”

2/15/2016 La Presse“Suivez le guide à Rome”

2/3/2016 Epicurious: “The 30 Most Exciting New Spring Cookbooks”

2/2016 Sunday Times Magazine: “4 Things We Learnt…About Rome’s Food Scene

1/7/2016 Village Voice: “At a Special Dinner at Sessanta, Take a Tour of Rome in Five Dishes”




2013 Departures“Ultimate City Guide”

12/20/2013 Yahoo Food“What’s the Deal With The Feast of Seven Fishes”

10/21/2013 Slice“Pizza and Italian Craft Beer Pairings: Gabriele Bonci and Katie Parla Team Up at Paulie Gee’s, Brooklyn”

9/1/2013 Mondo“Tehtävä Rooma”

8/4/2013 LA Times“Istanbul Travel Advice”

7/26/2013 Matching Food & Wine“Why the Italian Craft Beer Scene is So Exciting”

7/15/2013 Marie Claire Turkey“Modern Seyyahlar”

6/28/2013 The House of Peroni“Introducing the Blogger Mapping Rome’s Edible Landscape”

6/18/2013 Weekly Pint“Italian Beer Terroir”

5/21/2013 Istanbul Food“Katie Parla’s Istanbul App”

5/6/2013 Let’s Go with Ryanair: “Head to Trail”

4/12/2013 AFAR“Featured Traveler: Katie Parla”

4/5/2013 NYT“When in Rome, Eat Like an Expat”

3/13/2013 Pauline Frommer’s Daily Briefing“An Introduction to Foodie Rome”

3/13/2013 The Sounder“Through An (Almost) Roman Native’s Eyes”

March/April 2013 Departures“Where To Eat And Drink In The New Year”

2/8/2013 NYT Dining“Weekend Fare”


7/2/2012 Rachel Ray Blogs“A Mobile Roman Holiday”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away“Hometown Debrief: Katie Parla’s Rome”

6/5/2012 Fathom Away“Fathom Questionnaire: Katie Parla”

1/11/2012 National Geographic Intelligent Traveler“I Heart My City: Katie’s Rome”

12/29/2011 NYT Travel“Borghese Treasures Return to Rome”

12/25/2011 NYT Travel“Rome for the Holidays”

12/19/2011 NYT Travel“Dining During a Roman Holiday”

9/27/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Guided Tours Through Europe”

8/2/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Spring Break in Italy? Head to Rome”

6/21/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: Off-the-Path Adventures in Turkey”

6/7/2011 NYT Travel“Q&A: A Week on Ponza, Italy”

3/11/2011 The Atlantic Food Channel“In Search of Rome’s Holy Trinity: Pizza, Coffee, And Gelato”