In Rome, Natural Gelato at Neve Di Latte

Written by Katie Parla on December 6, 2011

Pistacchio and chocolate

I’ve always been a pretty dedicated gelato eater, but this year I took things to a whole new level. Throughout the spring and summer, I systematically researched the city’s finest and most famous gelaterias and even made a few handy guides for visitors. The unusually warm fall has allowed the gelato free-for-all to continue and over the past few months, I have found myself visiting Neve Di Latte with increasing frequency.

Raspberry and melon

Neve di Latte, which opened in July, is one of the newest additions to Rome’s natural gelato scene. I constantly find excuses to make the 3-mile trip from my apartment to the gelateria, which is located behind the MAXXI in the Flaminio district.

Vinaigrette and chocolate/hazelnut swirl

The ingredients are extremely high quality and, of course, all natural. Creamy flavors are made with milk and cream from a biodynamic producer in Germany whose cows graze at around 1,400m above sea level. The chocolate is Amadei, the eggs are Parisi, the fruit is organic, seasonal, and mainly local (fairtrade Peruvian bananas are an exception), the vinegar (yup, there is “vinaigrette” flavor) is 25-year aged Balsamic from Modena. The list goes on and on and all ingredients are proudly listed alongside each flavor displayed the refrigerated case.

Pistacchio and stracciatella

The mastermind behind Neve di Latte is Ermanno di Pomponio. His previous gelateria in the Balduina section of Rome had a die hard following and the new place is no different. In spite of its location on a quiet street, it sees a steady stream of visitors 6 days a week from noon-10pm (later in the summer; closed Tuesday).

Yet more chocolate and hazelnut

On Sunday, I introduced my lovely friends Daniela, Irene, and Eleonora (who was joined by her adorable son Eliot) to Ermanno’s gelato. From the first taste, they were smitten. It was the consistency and intensity that got them. At least that’s what’s got me hooked.

Cream and chocolate/hazelnut swirl

Go decipher for yourself what the magic is behind Neve Di Latte. I suggest starting with pistacchio and chocolate, my go-to combo. It might sound boring compared to the other flavors (on Sunday, persimmon, orange, and pear all piqued my interest), but it is one of those pairings that makes your heart skip a beat.

Cream and chocolate

Neve di Latte is located at Via Poletti 6, a short walk from the end of the 2 tram, which originates at Piazzale Flaminio. Prices start at €2.50 for small cups of the standard gelato and €5 for the rare gelato flavors (Tuscan pine nuts, for example).

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