Rome's Most Overrated Restaurants

Written by Katie Parla on March 21, 2010

There are so many ridiculously good places to eat in Rome, I don’t know how crap restaurants stay in business. Nor do I understand why some places are said to be amazing when, in my opinion, they are so obviously terrible. Here are some restaurants that I find overrated, I suggest you avoid, or that just plain suck:

Obika’: This wannabe swanky mozzarella bar is super lame. Back when there was just the one location on Piazza Firenze, it had the absolute worst service and the mozzarella was just ok. Their other food was terrible. Now there is a new-ish location on Campo de’ Fiori (and about a million other places on the planet) and that one sucks too. God do I hate having to go there to confirm my criticisms still hold true.

Vecchia Roma: Piazza Campitelli is a fabulous outdoor setting. I get it. But the food here is so-so at best and it is overpriced. Avoid!

Da Gigetto: I can’t say how many times I have eaten at this place and I have never had a great meal there. I really don’t know why people go nuts over this place. For great food in the Ghetto, I suggest Nonna Betta, Al Pompiere, or Piperno.

Bir & Fud: The title of this blog post kinda says it all. Bad pizza, possibly worse service. Nearby Dar Poeta has terrible pizza, as well, but at least they serve it with a smile.

Open Baladin: I didn’t have very nice things to say about this place in a previous post. Not much has changed. What is this place trying to be? A pub? A restaurant? It fails at both. This place has improved. It’s off my shit list!

Da Oio A Casa Mia: This famous Testaccio joint serves “eh” food for too much money. Don’t be fooled by the photo of cacio e pepe above–it only looks delicious. Half the bowl was filled with lumpy sauce that I swear had kilo of butter in it. Reminds me of the nasty stuff they try to pass off as cacio e pepe at Maccheroni (another place to avoid).

This is by no means an exhaustive list. I’m sure there are lots of other bad or overrated places I’ve neglected to mention. Now, if you want some great food, check out La Gensola, Colline Emiliane, Agustarello, La Campana, or Tempio di Iside.

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