Taki Japanese Restaurant in Rome’s Prati District

Written by Katie Parla on January 19, 2016


Rome may not offer the most eclectic dining options, but there is no denying that there are plenty of Japanese restaurants to choose from. They range from revoltingly cheap all-you-can-eat joints (too many of those super sad places name) and mediocre mid-range chains (Daruma) to very expensive sushi bars (Hamasei) and authentic, high-end restaurants (Taki). Naturally, the latter category is in the minority.


Taki (not to be confused with Trastevere’s Take) is just off Piazza Cavour in Prati and has become somewhat of a sprawling complex comprised of several dining rooms and a conveyor belt sushi bar. Skip the spinning sushi train and head straight to the restaurant instead. And while you’re there, you may want to skip sushi altogether.

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It’s not that it isn’t great–chef Kuniharu Okada did his training at a sushi restaurant for 9 years before switching to general Japanese cuisine and kaiseki–but there’s way more to Taki than raw fish, like Okada’s multi-course seasonal menu, which you can arrange by requesting it several days in advance. That’s how I first encountered Taki’s thoughtfully prepared and beautifully executed food*, but you can easily order a la carte and find the same gorgeous treatment of meat, fish, rice and vegetables. Taki offers a nice selection of soba dishes, too.


Via Marianna Dionigi 56/60
Tuesday-Saturday 12:30-3:00pm & 7:30-23:30pm
Sunday 7:30-23:30pm

*I first visited with my very awesome friend Tina Cancemi who also contributed the chef’s bio above.

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