The Great Edible Easter Shrine Challenge, hereafter referred to as GEESC (rhymes with sheesh!) is an Easter experiment with the very best intentions presented by Moscerina and Parla Food. GEESC was inspired by the thousands of delectable confectionaries produced exclusively for that infamous forty-day fast. We are inviting you to show us your Easter best in the form of an installation – sweet and savory. Shrines, nests and conceptual art all welcome.

Who: Moscerina is Erica Firpo and Parla Food is Katie Parla. We are both based in Rome and need sugar, shrines and Easter to survive. It is from this mutually essential trinity that the GEESC was born.

What: We invite participants to make their own edible Easter shrine from whatever Eastery objects they desire. In addition to these, the following items must be present in one of their various forms: a lamb, something Italian, an egg, a statuette. There are no size limitations and shrines may contain multiples of the required items.

Where: On the internets. You can upload pictures of inspiration and finished shrines to our Tumblr page.

When: Submit images on or before midnight (GM +1 time) on Pasquetta (Easter Monday). Bonus points will be awarded to those who include a good Pasquetta picnic basket list.

Why: Because shrines make people feel good. And so do lambs, Italian things, eggs. Statuettes, not so much. Sometimes they are scary.

How: Submit a photo or video of your shrine with some kind of dimension reference (like a ruler, scale, wine bottle, shot glass) or in the midst of being eaten.

Prize: Something really amazing.