I need Mexican food. I crave it all day every day. In fact, I am thinking about carnitas right now. Since I live in Rome, which is not exactly known for its amazing Mexican cuisine, I seek it out wherever I travel. A couple of weeks back, I met a high school friend for lunch at Wahaca near London’s Covent Garden. This popular downstairs restaurant makes Mexican inspired dishes with local ingredients. There is no doubt that the ingredients were good and that everything we ordered, from the pork pibli tacos to the chicken taquitos was made from the freshest components. But the kitchen forgot to add salt to everything. All good chefs know that the right amount of salt adds complexity, flavor and depth to their dishes. It can even improve the texture of meat by promoting tenderness. No salt means the food is robbed of its deliciousness potential, an omission that I find criminal. Unfortunately, I will eventually return to Wahaca. My obsession for Mexican food is too strong. But next time, I will bring my favorite sea salt in a bag like a crazy person.

66 Chandos Place
Covent Garden
London WC2N 4HG
See their website for other locations.