/Where to Eat and Drink in Naples

Where to Eat and Drink in Naples


Lot’s of visitors to Italy skip over Naples, heading straight for the Amalfi Coast, squandering precious culinary opportunities in the process. Naples has one of the best food cultures in the country and its specialties scratch nearly every imaginable gastronomic itch. Here are some places I love in one of the best cities on the planet to eat:

For pizza: Sorbillo (Via dei Tribunali 32), La Notizia (Via Caravaggio, 53-55), I Decumani (Via dei Tribunali 58-61), Starita a Materdei (Via Materdei 27-28), Di Matteo (Via Tribunali 94).

For cheese: Squisitezze (via santa maria di costantinopoli).

For typical Neapolitan fare: Donna Teresa (Via Kerbaker 58), Cantina di Via Sapienza (Via Sapienza 40-41).

For fish: Peschiera Mattucci (Vico Belledonne A Chiaia 27).

For pastries: Aruta (Via Porta San Gennaro 34), Mignone (Piazza Cavour 146), Angelo Carbone (Largo Regina Coeli 4).

For coffee: Bar Tico (Via del Duomo 27).

For drinks: Perditempo (Via San Pietro a Maiella 8), Trip (Via Martucci, 64).

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  1. Crystal at Driver in Italy May 17, 2010 at 2:04 am - Reply

    Great suggestions! Those places look yummy!

  2. whatlunchwhere May 17, 2010 at 5:42 pm - Reply

    Great stuff! Naples is a wonderful – if slightly intimidating, but maybe I was just scared? – place and the food is indeed just wonderful.

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