A Really Really Good Cappuccino

Written by Katie Parla on November 18, 2009


I am an espresso-to-wake-up kinda lady. I can’t really drink coffee much after noon for fear of being kept up until 6am, but if I don’t get my caffe’ stretto in the morning, I am literally incapable of functioning in society. So attached am I to my short espresso that I rarely change my order unless I am confronted with a really really good cappuccino. There are only a handful of places in rome that make me reconsider and one of them is the Illy Cafe’ on Via Urbana. To be honest, I am not entirely certain if this is the official name of the place. What I do know is that it works in perfect symbiosis with a favorite breakfast spot nearby, Panificio Monti. The bakery doesn’t have coffee but they do have pizza. The (maybe) Illy Cafe’ has lots of foncy coffee, but pastries that I could live without (not that they are bad, I just prefer a savory breakfast). In just 50 meters, I can cover all my morning nutritional needs and begin to enter the world of the living with just a single dose of caffeine.

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