Yesterday my friends and I went to Frascati, a town in the Castelli Romani just southeast of Rome, to indulge in a traditional Easter lunch of coratella, pecorino, and abbacchio. We ate at Peccato di Gola, a place I found by doing an internet search for fixed price Easter menus. I was immediately intrigued by their website’s English page and its promises of “tagliatelle to the ragù tartufato white man”, “lamb to the scottadito one” and “the chest of goose filled with smoke”. With translations like that, English speaking tourists are clearly not a priority, a very good sign.

For Easter they had a menu fisso for a very moderate 30 euros including antipasto (hard boiled egg, bruschetta with artichokes and lamb innards, pecorino, and salumi), 2 primi (canneloni and gnocchi with wild boar ragu), secondo (abbacchio alla cacciatora), dolce (2 actually – la colomba and torta di pasqua), coffee, amaro, and unlimited wine and water. Considering 30 euros buys you fritti, pizza, and 2 beers in Rome, this meal was the deal of the century. We will definitely return for smoke filled goose chest very soon.