At 40 Maltby Street in London, Natural Food and Wines

Written by Katie Parla on July 2, 2012

At 40 Maltby street in Bermondsey, a team of British lads has created an exciting eno-gastronomic destination. The space beneath the railway arches does double duty as a cavernous wine warehouse and a wine bar. Visitors may purchase bottles from Gergovie Wines to take away. But those in the know will stick around the wine bar for a parade of thoughtfully prepared Italy-, Spain-, and Britain-inspired dishes brought to you by the aptly named 40 Maltby Street.

40 Maltby was founded by Harry Lester (formerly of the Anchor and Hope) and Raef Hodgson (natural wine expert), who have assembled a team whose pride in presenting the labors of natural food and wine artisans is palpable. I visited 40 Maltby on Saturday afternoon with my friends Kitty and Cicely Travers and we feasted on most of the daily specials, paired with some food friendly natural wines.

Be sure to visit this outstanding wine bar before it closes for the summer. It is located, obviously, at 40 Maltby Street (SE1 3PA). They are open Thursday and Friday from 5:30-10pm and Saturdays from 11am-5pm. They will be closed for the summer from July 15 and reopen August 18.

Egg mayonnaise.

Piemontese pepper.

Cooked yorkshire ham.

Beetroot and broad bean salad.

The meal was accompanied by Domaine des Grottes‘ Moussaillon, a Chenin-based sparkling wine produced with natural methods.

Beef heart with green beans and walnuts.

Lamb sweetbreads, braised peas and lettuce.

Gooseberry meringue pie.

And to wrap things up, strawberries with another sparkler, this one from Spain’s Barranco Oscuro, which produces wines from the highest vineyards in Europe.

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