Buono Come il Pane

Written by Katie Parla on April 23, 2009


This is more than just a slice of pizza. It is one of the reasons artisinal bakeries in Rome still exist. If it weren’t for the profits reaped from pizza al taglio, crostate, ciambelle, and biscotti, small bakeries could no longer afford to make bread. Sounds crazy, I know! But panifici artigianali using quality ingredients cannot compete with the industrial bakeries that churn out loaves made with inferior flour and yeast that are snatched up by the city’s supermarkets, alimentari, and hotels. Fortunately Romans (and expatriates!) have a healthy appetite for the supporting actors that keep Rome’s bakeries afloat. I like to think I do my part!

Now without getting too political, I kindly ask you to boycott supermarket bread. Go to the local forno or panificio (bakeries with ovens for baking bread). Avoid alimentari, too, which usually get all or some of their bread from an industrial bakery. Check out Panificio Monti, Panella, Forno Pasticceria Colapicchioni, and Roscioli instead.

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