Via Cavour is a pretty awesome place to buy booze. Not only is Domus Birrae up near Santa Maria Maggiore a treasure trove of Italian and international craft beers, but Enoteca Trucchi near the Cavour Metro stop is packed with natural and organic wines. I must have walked past this small wine shop a million times, but I didn’t properly check it out until last week. In fact, I am usually in such a smog-induced daze on Via Cavour, I didn’t even realize it was there!

Thankfully my friend Hande, Rome’s resident wine genius, clued me in. She had purchased some bottles there for a meeting of our totally rad and not dorky at all wine club, during which we watched Senza Trucco, a documentary on four female natural wine makers. High demand and small production means the wines of Dora Forsoni, Nicoletta Bocca, Elisabetta Foradori, and Arianna Occhipinti can be hard to come by. Enoteca Trucchi came through on some of the wines. Bulzoni (maybe my favorite place in Rome) did the rest.

We drank wines by these four women as we watched the film and I wanted to bring the experience home with me, so I stopped by Enoteca Trucchi on Friday for some light shopping. The staff was super kind and helpful and we chatted for a bit as she prepared my bottles to carry home. Stop by and check out the selections the next time you’re on Via Cavour. You can also purchase Senza Trucco (Italian, dubbed in English at the Enoteca. Check out the trailer here: