/Tasting Rome Book Dinner at Visconti In Austin
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Join Katie Parla and Tom Parlo for a Tasting Rome book dinner at the Visconti Restaurant & Bar at the Hotel Gran Duca in Austin, Texas. The feast will commence with a reception featuring supplì cacio e pepe (rice croquettes with Pecorino Romano and black pepper), crostino con burro e alici (butter and anchovies on toast), frittata con cavolo nero (kale frittata), “‘nduja in carrozza” (fried mozzarella with spicy Calabrian sausage), and trippa alla Romana (tripe with tomato sauce, mint and Pecorino Romano). These snacks will be served with wine and an aperitif from the book. The dinner will include vignarola (artichokes, peas, fava, and lettuce stew) on toast, pasta alla gricia con asparagi (pasta with guanciale, Pecorino Romano, black pepper, and asparagus), abbacchio alla romana con le patate (suckling lamb with roasted potatoes), crostata di prugne di Sara Levi (Sara Levi’s plum crostata with almond crust). Each course will be served with wine from Lazio. The cost of the dinner is $150 plus tax and gratuity. Dinners will receive a signed copy of Tasting Rome (a $30 value). For reservations please contact Patricia Roy at 512-306-6424. The reception begins at 6:30pm; the dinner starts at 7:30pm.

Books will be provided by Book People, Austin’s premier independent book shop!