/French Wines, Naturally, at 259 Hackney Rd in London

French Wines, Naturally, at 259 Hackney Rd in London


UPDATE: This venue has closed. At 259 Hackney Road, the eponymous wine shop sells traditionally and naturally made French wines from small producers. The limited yet well-chosen assortment of bottles has been selected by owners Florian Tonello and Milena Bucholz, who opened the shop in February. During retail hours, visitors can pop in to purchase bottles or to have a bit of wine and cheese.


Look for the likes of Olivier Lemasson, Dominique Belluard, and Jacques Puffeney, as well as a handful of Michel Couvreur’s Scotch whiskeys, which he ages in his cellars in Burgundy.

259 Hackney is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. This venue has closed.


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  1. Sarah May July 27, 2012 at 10:17 am - Reply

    #GRWS up in har

  2. […] Surprises, surprises…one thing which hasn’t changed at all though is the British weather. No revolution here. A few weeks ago, after a very good lunch at Brawn ad a stroll on Columbia Market in what looked like a sunny if breezy day, the sky started darkening and in no time a proper washout was upon us. Clearly, I don’t carry an umbrella with me so when the rain hits hard what I do is usually popping into the nearest shop/pub/shack for shelter. That’s exactly how I found the wine shop on 259 Hackney Road. It had been sitting there tempting me for a few months but I had never actually entered it- blame my “will everything be insanely expensive and the salespeople stuffy?” assumption.  Thanks to the sudden rain, I discovered instead a simple and cheerful room, a kind and unpretentious owner who welcomed us with a smile and didn’t seem to acknowledge our semi-drenched state.  My companion being a serious wine geek,  conversation soon drifted on quite technical subjects such as soil acidity in Napa Valley vs. Southern France, soft tannins and the likes. I drifted and started considering the bottles, with their quirky names and stylish labels. An hour or so passed, sipping wine and chatting. Before leaving (clearly with a bottle of wine), whilst signing up for their newsletter I noticed that blogger Katie Parla of Parlafood had been there recently- what a small world ad what a nice surprise! She also wrote a post on 259 Hackney Road which you can read here. […]

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