Mozzarella di bufala di Paestum at Casa Bleve.

Today was a good day because I was very bad. I ate too much and took my friend Şemsa along for (most of) the ride. She has been in town since Monday and we have done some serious caloric damage together, as we look for the best foods and dishes Rome has to offer. The feeding frenzy reached a peak today, as we hustled to reach our dining goals before Şemsa takes off for Florence tomorrow. I’ll do a full post on where and what we ate tomorrow, but for now, bask in the glory of our unadulterated gluttony:

Pizza Bianca at Roscioli
Pizza Bianca at Antico Forno del Ghetto
Sfogliatelle and coffee at La Caffeteria

Lunch at Casa Bleve:
Mozzarella di bufala di Paestum
Culatello di Zibello
Lambrusco & Champagne

Gelato at Fatamorgana in Prati.

Gelato at Fatamorgana:
Caramel and crème anglaise
Black rice & rose
Chocolate & hazelnut
Kentucky (chocolate & tobacco)
Cheesecake & myrtle
Chestnut & mirto
Peach & wine
We may have had a second helping of 4 of these…

Burrata with raw prawns and bottarga at Roscioli.

Dinner at Roscioli:
Cantabrian anchovies and butter on toast
Burrata with raw prawns and bottarga
Tagliolini with butter and white truffles

Sound excessive? Well, while Şemsa napped this afternoon, I visited Open Baladin for a flight of beers, potato croquettes, and liquorice potato chips…then ate straight butter and Mauro Musso’s (Casa del Tajarin) pasta at Beppe e I Suoi Formaggi.

Ugh I feel like if I get a paper cut pork and butter fat might ooze out full!