I Want to Live in Il Mondo di Laura

Written by Katie Parla on March 3, 2011

Il Mondo di Laura (Laura’s World) is a magical place where Kosher, dairy free cookies are made with organic, Slow Food recognized ingredients. I’ve been pretty obsessed with these delectable confections since they were introduced to me back in November 2009. At that time, they were in just a few shops in Rome, but now they seem to be everywhere! The small company that makes them has expanded without losing their signature quality, a real success story. They’ve also launched some snazzy new packaging. Il Mondo di Laura cookies make a great gift (or snack!). You can pick up a tin at the Mondo di Laura shop in San Lorenzo at Via Tiburtina 263 (near the Verano Cemetery) and in the Ghetto at Via Santa Maria de’ Calderari 25. It is open Monday to Thursday from 8:30am-7:30pm, Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm, and Sunday from 9am-19:30pm. You can also find them at several locations in Rome including Roscioli (via dei Giubbonari 21), Palatium (Via Frattina 94), Domus Birrae (Via Cavour 88), and Fior di Luna (Via della Lungaretta 96).

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