Merry Christmas!

Written by Katie Parla on December 25, 2009


It is a family tradition to celebrate Christmas day with several epic meals. A major player at our morning binge is pizza fritt’ (fried dough). We heat some Crisco into the deep frier and drop stretched out pieces of dough into the crackling fat. Once the pizza fritt’ has browned, we fish it out of the oil, dust it with confectioner’s sugar, and eat it way before it has cooled off. We are not the only ones who celebrate Christmas with deep fried dough. Krispy Kreme gets into the action, as well. Their festive Christmas donuts are like glazed halos that have been frosted with chocolate icing and topped with sprinkles. Now is there really a better way to nourish the holiday spirit than to feed it sugar coated fried dough? The Parla family and Krispy Kreme don’t think so.

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