Santimetre, Handmade Porcelain Objects From Ayvalık

Written by Katie Parla on May 7, 2012

Kağıthane paper shop in Istanbul sells a lot of, well, paper. But the store stocks a far more precious and interesting product: Santimetre‘s handmade porcelain objects for everyday use. I popped into the Nişantaşı branch of the shop last week. I was looking for note cards, which I did not find (they sell every paper novelty imaginable but no practical notecards–go figure!), but I did spot some gorgeous tea glasses, saucers, and cups, as well as a pretty array of plates. If my luggage space wasn’t otherwise spoken for (I have become a Turkish wine mule) I would have bought the whole lot!

The other items in the collection are beautiful. The Turkish coffee pot with olive sprig handle is a work of art. The rakı glasses have my name (and zodiac sign) on them. And the beykoz chalices just beg to be held. The small company is based in Ayvalik on the Aegean coast of Turkey and I plan to make a visit to their showroom this summer. This time, I won’t be packing wine.

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