Last night my friend Jessica and I stopped into Shawarma Station on Via Merulana in Rome for a quick bite. I am absolutely obsessed with this place. It is a Middle Eastern tavola calda (cafeteria) and kebab joint conveniently located between my apartment and Stazione Termini. I take every chance I can get to walk by it, even if just to drool a little bit in front of the window as the smell of grilled meat and spices waft out of the doorway.


I am a sucker for their shawarma, sliced grilled lamb, yogurt sauce, and veggies wrapped in a pita. I love their felafel platter with hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and tabouleh, too. Actually I have never had anything at Shawarma Station that I didn’t really like. Last night I tried something new: chickpea, chicken and potato stew over rice. It was delicious and light, just the thing to start off a Saturday night out in Rome.


And the price was right. For just 5 euros I had a huge plate of stew and rice that I couldn’t even finish (so you know it had to be a ton!) and for 4 Jess had hummus, bean salad, and stuffed grape leaves. For more about Shawarma Station, check out this post from my friends at Food in Rome.