Starita a Materdei, Naples

Written by Katie Parla on December 8, 2008

If ever there was a place in Naples to induce a heart attack, Starita a Materdei would be it. Large vats of oil bubble in the open kitchen, ready to receive dough worked into a variety of shapes and sizes. The pizzeria was immortalized in the 1954 film “L’Oro di Napoli” in which Sofia Loren fries dough in Starita’s frigittoria, a hole-in-the-wall shop selling fried street food.

Do not miss:

Angioletti: Finger size pieces of dough deep fried and covered with tomatoes, arugula, oil and salt for appetizers or drowned in Nutella and dusted with sugar for dessert.

Montanara: The dough is stretched out in a disk shape, deep fried, then topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Then its all baked in the oven to allow the flavors to blend.

Corna di Maradona: Dough stuffed with ricotta and bits of pork fat.

Via Materdei 27/28
081 5573682
Closed Mondays

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