Sunday Stroll in Istanbul

Written by Katie Parla on March 8, 2009

Today I more than made up for what have been rather sedentary mornings in front of the computer writing. I went for a very hill oriented run through Teşvikiye and over/up to Dikilitaş, a warm-up of sorts for the long walk that would follow. After my jog, I set out to meet my friend Susan from class, walking down from Teşvikiye to Dolmabahçe and onward to the port at Kabataş. I thought that we could grab a ferry there that would take us up the Bosphorus to Çırağan where we hoped to visit the Sabancı Museum. I was wrong. So we decided to try the nearby port at Beşiktaş. No dice. From there we just walked, following the water north (direction Black Sea) under the first Bosphorus bridge until we ended up at Abracadabra in Arnavutköy. We had a few drinks and I unsuccessfully tried to memorize the Turkish verbs Susan had inscribed on flash cards. Only later did I realize Abracadabra is a culinary destination. Had I known I would have eaten something with my Efes. But that was just part one. We returned to Kabataş on foot, took the funicular up to Taksim, then parted ways. I walked to the end of Istiklal, had dinner, turned back and headed back Teşvikiye sufficiently exhausted and ready to start the week completely wiped out. Total distance 14.5 miles.

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