/Turan, Artisian Beer From Northern Lazio

Turan, Artisian Beer From Northern Lazio

In the past year, several interesting craft breweries have been founded in Italy, including one not far from Rome. Turan, based in Montefiascone near Viterbo, was recently established by a group of friends. The brewery is a small endeavor at the moment, but seems to be growing and gaining momentum.

Turan is located in the Tuscia, an area of northern Lazio that was once under Etruscan dominion. The name of the brewery, in fact, reflects the area’s ancient roots; Turan was a goddess of love and fertility. Further, Etruscans were big beer drinkers back in the day and consequently Turan is revitalizing an ancient and long abandoned industry.

Currently, Turan produces 6 unpasturized, unfiltered beers:

oOps: amber ale with cardamom; 5.5% ABV.

Quinta: Saison with honey from the Tuscia; 5.6% ABV.

Sonica: An ale, 4.9% ABV.

Ultrasonica: A super hoppy golden ale; 6.6% ABV.

Sfumatura: An imperial stout made with smoked hops; 7.2% ABV.

Tuscia: Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in Etruscan grottoes for 6 months; 10.1 % ABV.

You can find Quinta on tap at Open Baladin in Rome and the others in .75L bottles at Domus Birrae and Johnny’s Off License, also in Rome.

Birra Turan
Via Cassia Nord
Loc. Possessione
01027 Montefiascone (VT)

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  1. theitalianjob April 21, 2011 at 10:28 am - Reply

    Tried this beer at the IBF in Rome last week, not bad at all! – means even more now to me! now i know the goddess of love made this stuff!

    Check out my review of all the beer at the festival here:-



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