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Venice Food Companion

I recently traveled to Venice, a city I have been to just a handful of times. My friend Jessica, an expert on the city, recommended that I bring along Michela Scibilia’s Venice Osterie as a guide. It details bars, wine bars, trattorias, and restaurants for the discerning traveller. Michela is a native of Treviso and has lived in Venice for more than 20 years. Her book lists not only places to eat and drink but also includes a dictionary of Venetian dialect names for dishes and ingredients.

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  1. Håvard S. Johansen April 22, 2015 at 8:14 pm - Reply

    Hey, Katie.

    Your Rome-app was quite helpful to us on our honeymoon in Rome in 2013. It made all the difference, so thanks for that 🙂

    My wife and I are planning to go there again this August, and we also plan to hit Milano and Venice. The guide you´re recommending here is from 2006, and this post from 2008. Would you still recommend using it, or is it outdated now?


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