/Water Börek – Su Böreği

Water Börek – Su Böreği


Börek can refer either to flakey phyllo dough or to boiled noodles that are layered with a variety of fillings. I’m a sucker for anything buttery so both types are fine by me. On my last day of a month long trip to Istanbul recently, I had a quite spectacular su böreği (the boiled noodle variety) layered with cheese and parsley at Borsa. It reminded me of the buttered noodles my mom used to make for my sister and I. Oh, nostalgia.

If you would like to try making yourself, consult the recipe from Binnur’s Turkish Cookbook. For more photos of Turkish food, visit my Flikr page.

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  1. Rob April 6, 2009 at 8:43 am - Reply

    That looks, once again, really, really good.

  2. […] me to this diverse cuisine. I recall quite vividly having parsley and cheese filled pastry – ‘Su Boregi’ – for breakfast and then washing it down it with strong Turkish coffee (or was it tea?). In the […]

  3. Milhan Fishman June 5, 2011 at 3:12 am - Reply

    How ironic! I was looking for a photo of Water Borek tonight, to share with a Facebook friend, and the first site I stumbled upon was your website. I have been following you on Twitter for a while (maybe you will remember me, though it’s been a while since I have “talked” to you??). Thanks for the great recipe! Su Boregi was always my favorite.

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