A New Boom of Italian Aperitivo Liqueurs

Written by Katie Parla on January 16, 2016

Photos: Lizzie Munro for PUNCH

Thanks in large part to the success of the two titans of the category, Campari and Aperol, and their associated cocktails, Italy’s red bitter liqueurs are experiencing something of a boom. Both new and established brands are finding a market in America thanks to pioneering importers and enthusiastic bartenders.

For more on the history and status of these jewel-toned bitters, head on over to PUNCH.


Need a guide to brands available in the US? PUNCH has the scoop on that, too.


Already stocked up on red bitters? Naren Young at NYC’s Caffe Dante shares some of his greatest hits like the Negroni Frappé, Cardinale, and the Unlikely Negroni.

And if you haven’t been to Caffe Dante within the last 6 months, go check it out, it’s absolutely awesome. Last year, the hospitality team behind Figure of 8 Trading took over the century-old cafe. The team is staying true to the Italian heritage of Caffe Dante while taking influences from the global ingredients that New Yorkers have learned to love and seek out. Their Italian-style aperitivi are fantastic.

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