Ali Babà, Kebab in Rome

Written by Katie Parla on May 21, 2012

My local kebab spot is Shawarma Station on Via Merulana near Termini. In a pinch it does the trick and after many a late train arrival, it has provided sustenance. I’ll occasionally go during the day, too, for a plate of hummus or a quick tabouleh. The kebabs are decent, straight-forward, but not exceptional. For a dose of something better, head to Ali Babà on Via Carroceto, a short walk from the Arco di Travertino metro stop.

Ali Babà is a Syrian-owned kebab and fast food shop with an tempting array of appetizers and tasty kebabs wrapped in homemade lavash to order. Place your order at the register and wait for your number to be called. You can indicate whether you want chicken, lamb, or both, which will be sliced from massive rotating döner piles and wrapped tightly with the fillings of your choice such as fried eggplant, onions, tomatoes, cabbage salad, and sauces.

Ali Babà gets absolutely packed at mealtimes and to prepare for the rush they prepare a tremendous number of felafel, borek, and kibbeh in advance, which means they are soggy or flaccid before they reach your plate. Something to consider before ordering too aggressively. This is disappointing, but not tragic. More room for kebab, I say.

Ali Babà
Via Carroceto 69

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