Guide to the Best Gelato in Rome, Updated Summer 2018

Written by Katie Parla on June 19, 2018

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Update: My guide to the best gelato in Rome was updated for the summer of 2018.

In Rome, eating gelato is a year-round ritual, and since the temperatures have soared recently, the city is officially in high gelato season and I am on my 2-scoops-a-day diet. On that note, I think an update of my best gelato in Rome guide is more than overdue. To bring you up to speed on what’s new, I have refreshed my google map below. Use it to navigate the city’s gelaterie and be sure to check out some of the new and newish openings:

Last Friday, a new branch of Otaleg (that’s gelato spelled backwards) opened on Via di San Cosimato, just off the piazza of the same name, in Trastevere. That means you don’t have to make the long trip from the center to Viale dei Colli Portuensi to try Marco Radicioni’s excellent natural gelato.

Also in Trastevere, the reliably delicious and friendly Fior di Luna got a makeover (it’s just cosmetic; the gelato is the same). I’m a big fan of Fior di Luna’s “duetto” (hazelnut, pistacchio, and chocolate chip).

The only Rome location of Florence’s Carapina, which was located next to Forno Roscioli on Via dei Chiavari, has closed (in the end, Romans weren’t willing to pay €3.00 for two scoops). Another branch of Fatamorgana has opened in its place.

Meanwhile, back in Trastevere, the Fatamorgana location in Piazza San Cosimato has been serving inconsistent scoops for a while now and the product often has icy bits. I prefer the aforementioned central location and always order bacio del principe (gianduia with chopped hazelnuts) and crema agnese (I guess it kinda tastes like flan).

You can see Fata’s gelatai at work in this video I produced for Eater (check out the whole Eater Guide to Rome here).

Neve di Latte opened a second location in Prati, just off Piazza Cavour and Gelateria dei Gracchi opened a fourth location on Via San Pantaleo in Rome’s centro storico, just off Piazza Navona.

This isn’t really an update, but more of a confirmation: Gori is awesome. If you’re up in Piazza Sempione, don’t miss it. I’m obsessed.

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For more on gelato in Rome, download my ebook. And if low-tech gelato hunts are more your speed, be sure to brush up on how to judge gelato in 7 easy steps and these tips for finding natural gelato in Rome.

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