/Bourbon Steak's Almond Joy

Bourbon Steak's Almond Joy

I went to DC for the inauguration and was able to get a table at Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons Georgetown on Tuesday night when (most) VIPs were wining and dining at galas (thanks Wolf and Larry for gracing us with your presences). Chef Gabriel Fenton and his talented crew cooked us up some incredible food like delicate pan-seared scallops, spice poached Louisiana gulf shrimp, chickpea fries with harissa aïoli, crispy sweet onion cakes, and butter poached filet mignon. Dessert was (pardon the pun) the icing on the cake. After all that amazing food and a bottle of Palmina Dolcetto, we didn’t really need dessert but couldn’t refuse Bourbon Steak’s take on the Almond Joy: A hand-crafted milk chocolate and coconut candy bar with Marcona almonds topped with dulce de leche ice cream. The dish was inspired by the bar manager who challenged the pastry chef to duplicate his favorite candy bar (and mine). I almost ordered a second but thought better of it, thankfully, since a tour of the kitchen after dinner brought another sweet surprise: a chocolate molten cake that was plated right before our eyes. I am still working off the calories.

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