/Halo Pub's Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Halo Pub's Cookie Dough Ice Cream

What do you get when you mix procrastination and an iPhoto library with 150,000 photos in it? A new category on Parla Food: Daily Food Photo. Each day I will post a photo of a culinary creation I have seen, eaten, or wanted to eat somewhere in the world. Today’s Daily Food Photo comes from home. It is cookie dough ice cream from Halo Pub in Princeton, NJ. I have been going to Halo Pub just off of Palmer Square for two decades now and and it is always on my food itinerary when I come home for the holidays. This is just one of their several shops serving some of the Tri-State Area’s best ice which is produced in their dairy on Spruce Street in Trenton. The idea of cookie dough ice cream will definitely make some of my European friends cringe with disgust but I can assure you this little cup is all it would take to change your mind.

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    im glad you like it!

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