The Hawksmoor's Tamworth Belly Ribs

Written by Katie Parla on February 15, 2010

I went to The Hawksmoor near London’s Spitalfields Market today expecting their famous £15 burger to be the culinary pinacle of the week. The burger was great, but the Tamworth belly ribs stole the show. These tender, juicy pork ribs are supplied by The Ginger Pig, famous the city over for their impecable meat butchered from heritage breeds. The Tamworth hog is a British breed known for its lean meat. The ribs, in fact, were extremely lean, with the perfect balance of meat and fat, both of which where flavored by a dry rub of black pepper, salt, white pepper, and sugar.

The Hawksmoor
157 Commercial Street
London E1 6BJ

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