/Eater Asks Parla Food Where to Eat in Rome

Eater Asks Parla Food Where to Eat in Rome

Eater’s Heat Map series, which focuses on venues opened in the last year, visits Rome today and I offered up my suggestions for where to eat right now, including a welcome addition to the city’s cheese culture, a fantastic boutique pizzeria, and a new fine dining establishment in a weird hotel lobby. You can read the whole round-up here.

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  1. s November 29, 2011 at 11:18 pm - Reply

    cool round-up, K. dying to eat at Caffe Propoganda after reading your tweets and doing more research on it, as well as Pipero al rex- any restaurant which has 16 covers is one i will most definitely seek out! i hope to try these, hopefully- this summer when i come for my yearly pilgrimage back home to Roma. you up for a meal (i know the answer to that…)? x s

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