La Barrique Reopens After Rennovations

Written by Katie Parla on June 26, 2012

One of Rome’s best wine bars has reopened after a four-month renovation period. La Barrique, which is located on Via del Boschetto in Monti, reopened in May and the brighter, minimalist decor isn’t the only thing that is different. They have also added a kitchen, so in addition to their previous offerings of light (and mainly cold) fare, they are now serving pasta and mains.

I visited tonight for a much needed sparkling Rosé after a long day of touring. This was followed by Cascina degli Ulivi‘s “Semplicemente Bianco”, a lively and mineral natural wine made from Cortese grapes cultivated with biodynamic methods. The cool air conditioned interior provided a lovely respite, though I am looking forward to their outdoor seating, opening imminently (permits pending!).

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