My Culinary Tour of America

Written by Katie Parla on April 4, 2009

This winter, I spent 3 months in the States touring markets, restaurants, kitchens, and generally eating everything in sight. After 6 years in Italy I was shocked and pleased to find a food revolution in progress. The ideas of eating seasonal and local products has really taken hold again in the Garden State where I was born and raised, after a 25 year lull. I basked in the wonders of pork at David Chang’s Momofuku outlets, I found some of the country’s best meat hanging in the lockers of DeBragga in NYC’s meatpacking district, and ate some damn good Mexican food in Los Angeles. Six weeks after returning to Italy I have finally gotten around to uploading the photos of my gastronomic voyage to Flikr. Enjoy the slideshow!

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