My First Book Out Tomorrow

Written by Katie Parla on March 5, 2012

UPDATE: The second edition is available from March 1, 2016. After co-authoring and contributing to over 15 titles, my first proper book, National Geographic’s Walking Rome, is about to be released. The book, which I wrote late last spring, hits bookstores and online retailers tomorrow. I should be really excited about this, but instead I find the whole thing rather anticlimactic, particularly after finding my name conspicuously absent from the cover–National Geographic has given itself author credit on Amazon! Classy!

I am officially over writing guidebooks for big publishers. I’m sick of getting emails that say, “Hey we’d love to have you update the Rough Guide to Turkey. It’s more work and less money than last edition and obviously we don’t cover travel expenses. But it would be great to have you on board.” RG, NG, and all the rest of them can keep their 15 cents a word/no royalty deals. I’m out. Done. On to bigger and better things.

On a slightly less cynical note, the text is pretty good.

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