Pasticceria Andrea De Bellis’ 1000foglie Bar

Written by Katie Parla on July 15, 2013

Andrea De Bellis

Rome isn’t particularly famous for its dessert culture, and justifiably so. Most pastry shops use shoddy industrial ingredients like Nutella, margerine and worse. This, among other reasons, is why Pasticceria Andrea De Bellis is a massive boon for Rome. Located in Piazza del Paradiso in the exact location where two failed pastry shops previously peddled cupcakes and other boring sweets, De Bellis’ pasticceria serves masterfully constructed desserts made with the finest ingredients.

millefoglie de bellis

Taking cues from time spent in the kitchens of Paco Torreblanca, Ferran Adrià and the Roca brothers, De Bellis’ pastries are modern, texture-driven and prone to whimsy. The latest addition to the constantly changing menu is a 1000foglie (millefoglie) bar; select from an established list or choose your own adventure from the available ingredients list. Either way, the flakey, buttery pastry will be filled and garnished to order.

de bellis cod

Starting in September, De Bellis will also serve savory millefoglie. During a sneak preview last week, the salt cod filling was delicate and delectable, while the marinated cuttlefish was less pleasing.

pasticceria de bellis

Don’t miss the other desserts, either. For just a few euros, the above works of art can be yours. And look for assorted ice pops for cooling off in the summer heat.

Pasticceria Andrea De Bellis
Piazza del Paradiso 56/58
00186 Roma
+39 0668805072
Closed Mondays

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