Pizza con Prosciutto e Fichi

Written by Katie Parla on September 7, 2009


I definitely throw the word “favorite” around a lot when I talk about food. Last week , I declared köfte, burrata, and pizza as my abosulte favorites, each on separate occasions. And I meant it every time. Those foods are all incredible and I routinely dream about them, but then I returned to Rome after several months in giro and realized it is September, the only month when my real favorite food, pizza con prosciutto e fichi, is in season. How could I forget? Food coma, most likely. The tiny, sweet September figs, called settembrini, are peeled and smashed in a pizza bianca and prosciutto sandwich, creating an incomparable sweet and savory gastronomic masterpiece. The best place in Rome for this delicacy is Forno Campo de’ Fiori, where hot pizza bianca slightly melts the prosciutto fat that, in turn, mixes with the sugary fig pulp. A better combination of flavors and textures is inconceivable.

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